Relax wedding photography

Hi, thank you for visiting my page. My name is Hang and I'm a wedding photographer based in Derby, East Midlands, United Kingdom. Wedding photography is a great passion of mine. 

"Photography is an ART of OBSERVATIONIt has LITTLE to do with the things you see and EVERYTHING to do with the way you see it."

-Elliott Erwitt-

YES, photography is an art. It freezes moments and everything intangible-emotions, love, happiness, sadness and put them into a photo. That's the type of photography I want to make FOR YOU- raw and candid. In order to do this requires great observation and attention to detail. And that's what I'm gonna do at your weddings. Whilst you enjoy the best day of your life, I will observe and pay attention to everything to capture unique, special, and unforgettable moments of your wedding, even tiniest and unseen details. This is to ensure that your wedding photography will reflect the hearts and souls you put into it,  especially all special moments of your wedding. I also capture weddings in a creative way to make sure that no wedding is the same.

My dream couples are definitely those who value art, adventurous, and free-spirited who know what they want and put their personality into their wedding. Please click on these links below to see some examples of my work and let's chat. 



I am based in Derby, East Midlands, England, and I am available for wedding across the UK and abroad. Please get in touch:

Email: hangleishman@gmail.com

Mobile: +447984566044